We thank all those who participated in our programs and wanted to share a few comments from the post-cruise surveys. 

“Mark and Carey from Global Tracks handled all arrangements very well and were invaluable as resources while traveling.” 

“Very attentive and responsive to people needs – made every effort to aid my wife with her mobility challenges.” 

“Loved the staff’s hands on approach and the fact they attempted to over communicate everything so no would be left out.” 

“Very accommodating with a can-do attitude.”

“Traveling as a single person has reinforced the value of my Purdue connections. This group of friends and family makes traveling fun and so worthwhile.” Joanne Troutner, President’s Council Chair

“We enjoy traveling and visiting interesting places around the world. Being on a Boilermaker-only river cruise is a unique opportunity to visit with friends and expand our Purdue alumni acquaintances. Tom and Judy Sheehan, President’s Council Board Members

“I cannot begin to give enough accolades about Sheila. She is absolute perfection for customer service, professionalism, kindness, respect etc etc. Shouldn’t have to say much after perfection.”